Bringing Music Entertainment

to your doorstep through blockchain

Leveraging on blockchain technology to decentralize music streaming and ticketing systems, giving affordable access to the general consumers.

Token Contract Address: 0x5b73ace97f78025a8065cda1ef154892b31e8026

About Petmancoin

Petmancoin is an entertainment utility protocol built on blockchain that supporting the creation, distribution and consumption of music via blockchain.
We will give users access to unlimited music streaming from independent artistes on our portal and other world leading music and entertainment platforms without ads via the use of PTMC tokens.

It's decentralized, costs less, presents high speed and and makes live event ticketing possible via a blockchain. Consumers will be able to spend PTMC tokens on some of the best entertainment platform the in the industry. The use PTMC will further ensure fair and transparent compensation for artistes, producers and marketers.
PTMC will not only make live events tickets purchasing hassle free, but also forgery resistant. Thereby eliminating fraud. PTMC will available on several decentralized exchanges to enable its investors trade them at will.

Why PetmanCoin?

Erc20 powered

Petmancoin is an ERC-20 smart stable token, built on the Ethereum blockchain base, which is proven as a fast and secured structure in transactions execution.

Ready to Kick-Off

Petmancoin coin has what it takes to thrill its investors and holder. In a couple of months after crowd funding. Its version 1.0 Mobile app will be released without any hesitation.

Investment opportunity

PTMC will be the most sought Cryptocurrency in the entertainment sector and coinmarket at large. Its limited supply and quality of the development team will make PTMC moon in no distance time, this will afford the early investors and holders much more value.

Complete transparency

All interactive transactions will be recorded on a public ledger for easy access and tracking by the general consumer to ensure transparency.

Ease of use

Our users will love our platform. Our UI is easy on the eyes and simple enough.

Token Distribution

    Total Supply: 200,000,000

    Soft Cap: $1M

    Hard Cap: $10M

    Token Allocations

  • AIRDROPS 25% 50M

  • TOKEN SALES 40% 80M


  • RESERVE 10% 20M




Q1 2019

Crowd funding Sales, Airdrops and bounty Launch of v1.0 white paper

Q2 2019

Expansion of community Content planning, Encourage staking, Site development and BETA testing

Q3 2019

Listing on Exchanges

Q4 2019

Petman WEB music player development, Test and optimise content delivery, Development of portal for premium content creators.

Q1 2020

Music license agreement Collaboration with other music streaming platforms, Marketing and advert

Q2 2020

Launch of BETA version of Petman Mobile App.


petmancoin has set aside 5,000,000, PTMC token and 30ETH to reward its community members who will promote petmancoin to the public The rewards has been scheduled as follows. *POSITION* *REWARDS* 1ST. 2,000,000 PMTC + 10 ETH 2ND. 1,000,000 PMTC + 5ETH 3RD. 500,000PMTC + 2.5 ETH 4TH - 10TH. 250,000 PMTC + 0.5Eth 11th-50th. 100,000 PMTC + 0.1 ETH 51th-100th. 10,000 ptmc + 0.05Eth 101st - 1000th. 1,000ptmc + 0.0005eth Rewards will be distributed after first phase of ICO sales. Results will be display in our telegram group and on our website in due time.


David Pen

CEO / Co Founder

Derek Penn

Co Founder

Andrew Dick

Music streaming technologist


Music blockchain Engineer

Mark Taylor

Blockchain Advisor

Phu Styles

Blockchain Advisory Personel

Keller Fisher

Blockchain Technology Expert/Advisor

Mike Davis

Music streaming expert

Paul Moore

Music streaming technologist

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